Our team of volunteers who worked so hard to make your 2020 race enjoyable and safe.

Marshallers Ash & Bev Hope-Smith, Dilla Wright, Willem Forster, Hilary Bentley, Ingrid Murdoch, Martin Redman, Helen Ackrill, Roger & Barbara Featherstone, Penny Ash, Lizzie Clarke and Arthur Wheeler for their hard work and patience

Time keepers Jean Skerritt, Rosie Wheeler for once again ensuring you received your correct time

Lead Car Neil & Fran Harvey for clearing the route

Sweep bicycle Ben Whittome for ensuring there were as many finishers as starters

Photographer David Nash for rushing everywhere to get everyone’s photos

Catering Ingrid Murdoch & Norma Paris for sandwiches,baking cakes and watering us

Police for keeping us safe on the roads

Alderney Ambulance for looking after our tired and broken bodies

Rotary Club for providing most of the marshallers and helpers

States of Alderney and the Finance Committee for financial help, advice and support

Railway Society for looking after us at the rail crossings